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Name:Rosso the Crimson (post canon AU)
Website:Rosso on LiveJournal

Rosso the Crimson. Formerly a Tsviet, an elite soldier of destruction...
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Rosso was born into a world underground where becoming a killing machine is essentially the only way to survive. She had gone through terrible and inhumane experimentation and her psyche was shattered, leaving her as an insane woman who thinks killing is a game. She became so good and so involved in it that a dangerous (for anyone who wasn’t her) obsession began – namely that of bloodying those she fought. This led to her nickname of “the Crimson” as her skill led her to become a member of the Tsviets, a small yet lethal team from deep within the bowels of the Shin-Ra electric company's darkest secret; DeepGround.

As a Tsviet, Rosso was loyal to Weiss, Deepground’s breakthrough to the surface leading to the completion of one dream and near-fulfillment of the other. Her first dream was to see the sky. ...Her second was much less innocent. Rosso wanted nothing more than to continue to kill above the surface. Though the lack of well-trained – in comparison to DeepGround, at least – targets led her to frustration towards the lack of her amusement.

As an extremely powerful woman, Rosso had developed a rather large, not to mention well-earned, ego. She does not take kindly to being bested in combat. Not much at all.

When it comes to her own self pride, after she had been defeated by Vincent Valentine, she remained to hold that pride to the bitter end. She told him that she would not give him the "pleasure" of killing her, defiantly yelling, "No one will ever stand above me!" Rosso then collapsed the portion of the building she stood on. She plummeted down, laughing maniacally to her probable death.

She had been presumedly dead for a long time, until a sentient world had recently revived her out of its own desperate motive for survival and implanted pieces of information about this world, along with several memories of a young woman it wants Rosso to assist and protect, if she is to stay in control of her own mind and body.

This unusual and powerful world, the Nexus, had found someone who could kill without any remorse, and who had been left with nothing and no one since Weiss the Immaculate's defeat, following the defeat of her other comrades; Azul the Cerulean, and Nero the Sable.
...And is now an unwilling tool and puppet, and voice to a sentience far greater and powerful than herself.

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blood, deepground, fighting, freedom, killing without mercy, mako, shin-ra, survival, tsviets, violence
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